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WinCHM Pro 5.49 6.1 MB ZIP EXE


Spell checker dictionaries (4.35 before)

The setup of WinCHM includes dictionaries for English, German, French and Spanish. But many more dictionaries are available from this download page.

In order to use the dictionaries, please copy the dictionary files into the ".\Dictionaries" folder of your WinCHM installation.

What's new:

Version 5.49 (April 14, 2023)

*fix bugs.

Version 5.124

*Anchor target supports for Index keywords

Version 5.11

*fix bugs.

Version 5.0
* Directly create Word document and PDF instead of converting from Single HTML file.

version 4.4
* fix bug: crashed after opening pages created with Word if IE 11 installed
* New spell checker

version 4.35
* fix bugs.

version 4.32
* Add a few new templates.

version 4.18
* Fix "Floating point division by zero" bug caused by IE9

version 4.0
* Unicode supports.

version 3.6
* Add Previous, Next and Navigation tags into template.

version 3.5
*Web help: Search, Bookmark supports.

version 3.4
*Command line execution supports.

version 3.3
*Add a spell checker.

version 3.2
*Improve web help. Allow huge tree; allow index.

version 3.1
*Bug fixes.

version 3.0
* Template supports. Help you make unform-style help system easily and quickly.
* New navigation. Allow expanding/collapsing folder.
* Web help output. Move you help system onto your website. (Pro version only)
* Single HTML output. Easily create Word documents or PDF manuals. (Pro version only)
* Allow large TOC.